XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress

September 11-15, Québec City Convention Center


Industry Poster Session

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Both the Industry and Student Poster session will take place Sunday, Sept. 11 to Tuesday, Sept. 13. The exact location to be confirmed onsite.

Both the Industry and Student posters will be subject to a competition with prizes for the recipients.


  • Sunday, September 11, 17:00 to 20:00 (set-up 9:00 to 16:30)
  • Monday, September 12, 10:00 to 17:00
  • Tuesday September 13, 10:00 to 17:00 (tear down after 17:00) - judging at lunchtime - all in attendance

Poster Competition- Poster Instruction for All

(Subject to Change)

  • Every author should be aware of the following recommendations before preparing their posters
  • Poster size - Maximum 90 X 120 cm (3ft wide X 4ft tall). You will share your board with another presenter
  • Readability - Background and font colors have to be chosen in order to get enough contrast and be easily legible from a distance of 3 ft
  • Set-up - Participants will be asked to set-up their poster on Sunday.
  • Attendance - Presenters should be present at their posters during conference breaks
  • The author's name, address and the title of the poster along with a described should appear on the top section of the poster.
  • Material for attaching the posters and illustrations will be provided.
  • Poster presenters are responsible for the printing and posting of their poster.

Printing of Posters Onsite

We recommend that Poster Presenters bring Posters onsite.

The Concierge at the Quebec Convention Center offers print services for posters. Participants can pick up their posters at the concierge desk at the convention center.

Exact hours to pick up posters must be confirmed.

For more information, including pricing and pick up hours, contact: conciergerie@convention.qc.ca.


Please note that NO student papers of the posters will be in the proceedings.

A paper version of posters is encouraged although not required; the deadline to submit, is May 1.

To access instructions for the preparation of manuscripts, the publication rights form, and poster session specifications, click here.

Criteria for Poster Presenters

Industry Poster Presenters are required to preregister by May 1. At least one author is required to preregister.

Student Poster Presenters are required to preregister by August 1. At least one author is required to preregister.