XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress

September 11-15, Québec City Convention Center

Stream & Symposia Chairs List

Stream / Symposia Chair
4th International Symposium on Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy Edgar M.L Peek
Mohamed Buarzaiga
Asset Management: Sampling, Metal Accounting, Flowsheet Improvement and Reliability Norm Lotter
Donald Leroux
Characterization: Mineralogy, Geometallurgy Tassos Grammatikopoulos
Joe Zhou
Brian Hart
Comminution: AG/SAG, Crushers, HPGR, Tumbling and Stirred Mills Bern Klein
Malcolm Powell
Dewatering: Thickening, Filtering, Drying Scott Martin
Electrometallurgy 2016 Georges Houlachi
Mike Free
Environment, Recycling and Social Responsibility Janice Zinck
Extractive Metallurgy: Hydrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy Matthew Kreuh
Claude Gagnon
Flotation: From Chemistry to Machines - (Applied & Fundamentals) Jan E. Nesset
Zhenghe Xu
IMPC Commissions: Education, Mineral Processing for the Future Diana Drinkwater
Kari Heiskanen
John Herbst
Industry Poster Session Ahmet Deniz Bas
Lightweight Metals and Composites: Production, Processing and Applications Mihaiela Isac
Franco Chiesa
Roderick Guthrie
Frederic Laroche
New Frontiers: Harsh Environments Including Arctic, Undersea, Space and Beyond Peter Lind
Dale Boucher
Physical Separation: Gravity, Magnetic, Electrostatic, Ore Sorting, Upgrading (Physical and Chemical) Kristian Waters
Graeme Goodall
Boyd Davis
Plant Design: Complex Ores, Integrated Flowsheets Manochehr Oliazadeh
Ian Orford
Process Control: Instrumentation, Modelling, Simulation Lionel Ryan
Eduardo Nuñez
Rare Earth Elements Niels Verbaan
Mike Johnson